Captivating all your senses & catapulting your mind to a richer dimension

Conceiving, translating and guiding the development of incredibly unique conceptual environments, creating an emotional connection & transcending typical interior design

Stan Colders

Mind:Style creates environments using a sensorial approach crafting spaces which induce a feel-good mood for users and visitors. Since the year 2000 its Founder and driving force Stan Colders, known as the “Atmospheric-Architect” or “Experience Designer”, has been envisioning concepts that inspire; orchestrating teams to create one of a kind environments, both transient and permanent that leave a lasting impression on audiences and visitors.

As the author of the Mind:Style brand, Stan serves as a storyteller from beginning to end providing guidance to architects, landscapers, interior designers, consultants and other creative specialists. An experienced consultant with an unrivaled specialist team, Stan has at his fingertips a vast multidisciplinary network of experts able to provide the best solution on any given project whatever the scale; recruiting the best creative minds who impart the freshest ideas.

“Mind:Style stimulates that feel-good moment … that’s when I know I have done my job”
Stan Colders

Mind:Style provides concept architecture, consultancy, project development. management, branding, and the launching of corporate, commercial & creative spaces. These range from retail outlets, exhibitions, hospitality events and venues.

Stan’s know-how is geared to engage the senses in a holistic way fusing colour, light, texture, material, aroma and sound. The ultimate aim is always to provide people with unique and inspiring spaces that encourage them to feel and perform better. Concepts are always in synergy with the needs and desires of clients who after their Mind:Style makeovers, experience high returns:



“we can’t put our finger on it … our space just feels more engaging”

“my team are more productive as a result of our surroundings”

“the space allows for us to be much more present and focused as a team”

“since remodelling our customers are energised and interested – they don’t want to leave!”

Field Marketing client testimonial



Mind:Style services can be provided separately and in conjunction with one another:

Conceptual Architecture & Consultancy

Master planning during the concept, planning and design stages. Sourcing the team and a new destination for your concept.

Project Development & Management

Implementing & executing ensuring consistency with the master plan. Taking care of every meticulous detail.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Formulating how your brand presence remains in keeping with the concept architecture. Crafting your brand identity and sticking to your brand story with the use of multi-media.

Operational services

Launching services and employing your team of operational experts.

Mind:Style makeover management

Specialised service for banks and property owners for more information, click here.